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A Lesson in Humility

I received a strange and wonderful phone call tonight. First, a little background.  I served as pastor of Corn Creek Baptist Church in Milton, Kentucky, from 2003-2009.  During that time I met a local piano tuner when he came to … Continue reading

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The Age of Accountability: A Response to Steve Lemke

Steve Lemke recently posted an article about the age of accountability in Baptist theology.  You’ll need to read it before being able to follow the arguments presented here.  While there are a number of things in this article that I … Continue reading

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Poetic Knowledge

This elementary wonder, however, is not a mere fancy derived from the fairy tales; on the contrary, all the fire of the fairy tales is derived from this.  Just as we all like love tales because there is an instinct … Continue reading

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What Is Bibliolatry?

Those who hold to a high view of Scripture have often been accused of “bibliolatry,” or the sin of worshiping the Bible as a false god.  This charge has never made sense to me, and here is why. In any … Continue reading

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Training a Son of Adam

I recently started reading C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to my four-year-old son, Benjamin.  It is his first acquaintance with Narnia, as well as his first full-length chapter book (other than The Big Picture Story … Continue reading

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The Defense of the Faith, Part 4

Once you have demonstrated how a non-Christian worldview either collapses on itself or fails to account for life in the real world as we know it (or both), you can then present the Christian faith as the worldview that makes … Continue reading

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