So I was thinking today…

If the Roman Catholic doctrine of the perpetual virginity of Mary is true, then Joseph got a raw deal.  A raw deal.

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3 Responses to So I was thinking today…

  1. Ali says:

    Lol. Very true.

  2. azhermit says:

    Intuitively, the Ark of the Covenant that contained the Holy Lord of all realities and universes in her blessed womb was free from carnal desire and conceived without the stain of original sin.

  3. Azhermit,

    I don’t think “intuitively” is the best word to use there. The doctrines of Mary’s immaculate conception and perpetual virginity are certainly not intuitive to me, or millions of other people.

    With all orthodox believers, I affirm wholeheartedly the teaching of the New Testament that Mary was a virgin at the time of the conception and birth of Jesus. But the Gospels clearly point us in the direction that her time of virginity ended soon thereafter (note the use of “until” in Matt. 1:25 and the references to Jesus’ brothers in Matt. 12:46). She was, after all, a wife, and it’s really hard to establish a one-flesh union and maintain one’s virginity at the same time.

    There are two unbiblical ideas in Roman Catholic theology that are pertinent to this discussion and that I reject:

    (1) Mary was free from the stain of sin.
    (2) A sexual relationship between Mary and Joseph would have had some kind of defiling influence on her.

    Neither idea has any basis in the teaching of Scripture.

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