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Inerrancy and Christian Practice

Kevin DeYoung has a great post today on the concept of inerrancy in the lives of ordinary believers. There are a number of theologians who deny inerrancy today for one reason or another.  There was even a brief time in … Continue reading

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A Theology of Pleasure

Southern Baptists continue to hold on to some cultural hang-ups that limit our ability to enjoy God’s good gifts (or at least to enjoy them without shame).  Other than potlucks (like hobbits, we have never had difficulty in the art … Continue reading

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Social Security Scare Tactics

Recently I heard a Democrat pundit trying to scare old people by complaining about Republican proposals to privatize social security.  I’m not exactly sure why the privatization of social security is supposed to be so scary, but I would venture … Continue reading

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The Idol of Respectability

I do not endorse the irreverent humor of Seth McFarlane, nor do I watch any of his shows regularly.  But I have seen the show Family Guy from time to time, and while I find much of it offensive, there … Continue reading

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The Shrek Generation

I have enjoyed the Shrek movies.  They are funny, witty, and well-written.  The character Puss-n-Boots (voiced by Antonio Banderas) may be the greatest fictional creation of all time (okay, slight exaggeration there).  They appeal to both children and adults. But … Continue reading

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