A Theology of Pleasure

Southern Baptists continue to hold on to some cultural hang-ups that limit our ability to enjoy God’s good gifts (or at least to enjoy them without shame).  Other than potlucks (like hobbits, we have never had difficulty in the art of feasting), we tend to be a people who frown on the pleasures that God has granted us.  We rail against wine.  We sit in judgment on dancing.  Other denominations throw way better parties than we do.  Instead of enjoying works of literary or cinematic art, we often turn them into battles in a culture war.  Heck, we even boycotted Disney for a while!

Here is my proposal for what Southern Baptists should do to regain a theology of pleasure:

– Read anything and everything by C. S. Lewis.

– Watch the movie Babette’s Feast.

– Meditate on the incomprehensible mystery of the Incarnation and its implications for our lives in our bodies in this physical creation.

– Read the Bible.

– Follow Jesus’ example.

– Fast every once in a while (fasting is a prelude to feasting).

– Enjoy life!  It is there to be enjoyed.

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