Gregg Allison’s “Historical Theology”

I was delighted to see Justin Taylor enthusiastically commending Gregg Allison’s new book, Historical Theology, a companion volume to Wayne Grudem’s standard work, Systematic Theology.

Dr. Allison was my doctoral supervisor at Southern Seminary.  When I entered the program in 2006, he had just completed the first draft of the manuscript.  I thought that meant the book would be released within the next year or so.  Five years later, here it is.

Buy this one and put it on your shelf right next to Grudem.  (And to those of you who are saying, “I don’t have Grudem on my shelf,” my response is, “Well, that is something we shall have to remedy, isn’t it?”).  This will be a great resource for you.

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One Response to Gregg Allison’s “Historical Theology”

  1. arajrao says:

    Harper Collins allows ppl to read sections of other chapters in the book. It can be accessed here:

    Thanks. The book looks really good.
    ~ Raj

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