If the Rapture Comes Tomorrow, This Will Be My Last Blog Post (Until the Millennium)

According to Harold Camping, it is absolutely certain that the rapture will come tomorrow, May 21, 2011.  It will be hard to backpedal from the absolutist claims he has made to this effect come Sunday morning, but I won’t be surprised to see some creative attempts at backpedaling.

Whenever someone tries to predict the return of Christ, it generally has the effect of making me think that Christ is less likely to return on the day predicted.  After all, Jesus said he will come like a thief, at a time we least expect.  So if all these followers of Harold Camping are expecting him to return, then that would render his return unlikely.

But then I think…wait.  The day when other people expect him to return is the day that I least expect him to return.  So does that mean his return is then more likely because I expect it less?  And then, if I think it is more likely, does it then become less likely again as a result?  And if I think through that, does the process go on as a vicious circle ad infinitum?

…hmmmm…my head hurts.

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9 Responses to If the Rapture Comes Tomorrow, This Will Be My Last Blog Post (Until the Millennium)

  1. ed says:

    you don”t have to fear at all ..the rapture will not come tomorrow only on the day the Almighty saids so..whats going to happen tomorrow the regular routines of life; I am a pastor i know. Nobody knows but the Almighty God. Relax and see.. but don”t put off being a Christian before it”s to late. Love everyone.

  2. Hi Ed. Thanks for your comment.

    I’m just having a little fun with this post. My real approach to the return of Christ is to seek to be ready at all times and to make no assumptions, either to the effect that it will definitely occur soon or that it will definitely be delayed. We must always be ready, and yet we must continue to live our lives with long-term plans in view. To lose either end of that dynamic is to be irresponsible and unfaithful.

  3. Andrew says:

    If I have a goal of accomplishing nothing one day, and I accomplish that goal, then have I accomplished anything?

    I love circular arguments.

  4. If I were a Buddhist, my greatest desire would be to rid myself of all desire. Oh, wait! Dang!

  5. Ali says:

    But the big question is, how will we know whose May 21st is the right one? Will Australia experience the rapture on the 22nd, or will America experience it on the 20th? Or will it be a rolling rapture following the sun?

  6. My guess is that Camping would say it will occur when Jerusalem experiences May 21 (in the evening, I think). His calculation is based on the day that Jesus was crucified, so it would stand to reason that the time should line up at the same place where Jesus was crucified.

  7. Actually, I found out today that it is supposed to be a rolling rapture. As each time zone hits 6:00pm, believers in that time zone will be raptured, and massive earthquakes will occur.

    Needless to say, as I am writing this at 10:07am (central time, USA) the prophecy has already failed for a number of time zones.

  8. Ali says:

    Are you sure you weren’t raptured? This truly seems to be your last post!

  9. I’m still here. Actually, I have been posting some comments under the post “Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus.”

    I’m hoping to have something new before too long.

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