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God and Masculine Pronouns

It has become commonplace in many theological circles today to avoid all masculine pronouns in reference to God.  I have read paragraphs that have repeated the name “God” so many times (in order to avoid saying “he” or “him”) that … Continue reading

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The Local Church and Homosexuality: We Must Do Better

I have a bit of a complicated introduction here, so bear with me. Albert Mohler wrote an opinion piece that appeared in the Wall Street Journal about a month ago concerning homosexuality.  In particular, Mohler chides evangelicals for exhibiting “our own … Continue reading

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There’s Not Much Slippery Slope Left

Tony Jones is a name that has long been associated with the emerging church movement (I’m not sure what they call the movement now, or if it even continues to have a name, but it is still around).  This movement … Continue reading

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