Repackaged Liberalism

A few weeks ago I made a side comment mentioning that the emerging church is basically a form of repackaged liberalism.  It turns out that I am not alone in that assessment.  Brandon Morgan, a self-confessed emergent sympathizer, recently attended the left-wing/quasi-Christian/emergent/Woodstock imitation gathering known as the Wild Goose Festival.  He subsequently posted some of his thoughts about the emergent conversation at Roger Olson’s blog (you may have to increase the zoom on your screen to be able to read the tiny font).  Note especially this statement:

I just mean to say that if Emergent folks find themselves comfortable in Mainline walls, particularly the walls of liberal pluralism dominant in both theological and political aspects of American liberal protestantism, then I question what new things the Emergent conversation has to offer. If they have something new to say, then angst about a painful past with fundamentalism will need to produce theologically fruitful reflections about the church that look different than a recovery of mainline dominance in the early 20th century. Emergent folks will have to start distinguishing themselves from progressive Christianity if they want people to think that something new and important is really happening.

Morgan’s article seems to suggest that in place of a politicized faith tied to the right-wing of the American political spectrum (evangelicalism), the emergent church has simply sought to replace it with a politicized faith tied to the left-wing of the American political spectrum.  I sense a great deal of truth in that assessment.  Perhaps I can write more about it at a later time.

For now, read Morgan’s entire post.

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