The Meaning of the Cross

From D. A. Carson’s book The God Who Is There (p. 210):


At the end of the day, what hell measures is how much Christ paid for those who escape hell.  The measure of his torment (in ways I do not pretend to begin to understand) as the God-man is the measure of torment that we deserve and he bore.  And if you see that and believe it, you will find it difficult to contemplate the cross for very long without tears.

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One Response to The Meaning of the Cross

  1. Chris says:


    Sorry to hear that your house was broken into. I hope your belongings are recovered and that the guilty person(s) will bear a burden until things are put right.

    This quote reminds me of God’s love. I know I’ll never understand it fully, but I am so thankful that we have God’s Word so that we can understand it enough.

    God’s blessings…

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