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Just as, in aeons past, the divine fiat pierced the silent abyss of nihil and actualized all that is . . . Just as the holy voice heralded, not just a, but the beginning, and it was so . . … Continue reading

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A Christmas Reading, 12/21

After Ralph has been assigned to write a theme entitled, “What I want for Christmas”: The clouds lifted.  I saw faint gleam of light at the other end of the black cave of golden gloom which had enveloped me since … Continue reading

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A Christmas Reading, 12/20

Have you ever seen that holiday classic A Christmas Story?  Of course you have.  Did you know that it is based on a book entitled In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash by Jean Shepherd (who is also the narrator of the … Continue reading

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Hatred for the Rich

Doug Wilson has a recent piece that should not be missed.  It’s short enough to quote in full here: You have a button in front of you, placed there by a helpful genie. But instead of giving you the standard … Continue reading

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