As Usual Thomas Sowell Is Right

With the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin and the media uproar that has predictably resulted from it, I find Thomas Sowell’s recent piece to be a rare dose of sanity on a subject that the rules of our public discourse have determined must never be discussed with any measure of sanity.  He writes,

 The man who shot the black teenager in Florida may be as guilty as sin, for all I know — or he may be innocent. We pay taxes so that there can be judges and jurors who sort out the facts. We do not need Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or the president of the United States spouting off before the trial has even begun. Have we forgotten the media’s rush to judgment in the Duke University “rape” case that blew up completely when the facts came out?

The election of Barack Obama as the first black President was no doubt a moment of monumental significance for our country.  However, I wish we could have made history with someone else, particularly someone who didn’t feel the need to insert himself into every public, racially charged controversy.  While Obama’s election was certainly a milestone, his acts as President have only exacerbated racial tensions. They have done nothing to heal them.  But this is what we should expect from a leftist whose admiration for Derrick Bell can no longer be hidden.  

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One Response to As Usual Thomas Sowell Is Right

  1. Chris says:

    I could not agree with you more.

    God’s blessings…

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