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The Battle for Identity: Why Jonathan Merritt Has Not Been “Outed”

Here’s the story: Jonathan Merritt, son of former Southern Baptist Convention president James Merritt, has become something of a prominent figure among younger evangelicals, primarily because of his engagement with cultural issues such as climate change and homosexuality. One week … Continue reading

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Do They Have I-Pods in Prison?

Ray Boltz, the contemporary Christian artist who came out of the closet a handful of years ago, has recently released a new song entitled “Don’t Tell Me Who to Love”.  Here are the lyrics: The year was 1966 and they … Continue reading

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The Movie Theater Massacre and the Limits of Our Understanding

As human beings, we yearn to understand.  We crave meaning, because the horror of genuinely random meaninglessness may be too much to contemplate.  And so, as has long been our practice when faced with an unthinkable event, such as the … Continue reading

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Could Roe v. Wade be overturned?

What would it take to overturn the horrendous 1973 Supreme Court case that has led to the murder of more than 50 million unborn children?  It takes five Supreme Court justices to form a majority, and I used to think … Continue reading

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