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Election 2012: My Prediction

It was about a year ago that I predicted that Mitt Romney would win the Republican nomination and ultimately the presidency.  (I also made a similar prediction on my Facebook account around the same time, which is no longer active). … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Chick-Fil-A

1. When it comes to deciding where to eat, I am a capitalist first and foremost.  I will go to the business that leads its competitors in providing me the best food and dining experience.  That, and not a culture … Continue reading

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Why Same-Sex Marriage will Affect Marriage in General

Imagine a conversation between a cultural progressive and your average evangelical Christian on the issue of same-sex marriage. PROGRESSIVE: What do you think of same-sex marriage? CHRISTIAN: I am against it.  The Bible condemns homosexuality and affirms that God has … Continue reading

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